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Welcome to #GenderTwister! :D


What is this group's aim?
This group's aim is to collect pictures of characters portrayed with their gender twisted: a female version of a male character or a male version of a female character.

What can I upload?
You can upload every kind of pictures that fulfill the requirements written above. Artists and Cosplayers are very welcome!
For now, please, don't upload yaoi/yuri/hentai pictures. This group does not support this kind of things (other groups do so), we just like "genderbender" pictures. Maybe in the future things will change, it depends by the members themselves, but for now this is a strict rule and pictures that not fulfill the requirements will be erased.

How can I join?
Joining is free, you just have to click on the "Join" button on the top of the page!

How can I contibute?
After becoming a member, you can upload a picture that's already in your gallery or suggest a Favourite from your own Favourites, your own Gallery or searching in the DeviantArt. If you are a member of one of our Affiliates or if you are not a member, you can suggest both Submissions and Favourites.

How should I behave?
We don't allow spam, flares, insults of any kind, personal quarrels and other related stuffs. If you don't follow these simple rules, in the worst case you will be banned and/or blocked.


Which Folder is the right one for my deviation?
Books - Literature:
Pictures related to every kind of book (novels, short stories, poetry).
Comics - Animation - Motion Pictures:
Pictures related to non-eastern comics and animation (non-eastern cartoons, animated movies).
Pictures of gender-bender cosplayers. No crossdressing, only female versions portrayed by female cosplayers and male versions portrayed by male cosplayers.
Manga - Anime:
Pictures related to eastern comics (manga, manwha) and animation (anime, animated movies).
Movies - TV Shows:
Pictures related to movies and telefilms played by actors.
Original Characters - Crossovers - Misc:
Pictures of original characters from every kind of fandom, crossovers of characters coming from every kind of fandom and everything which doesn't fit any other Folder.
Original Comic Panels:
Panels of your original webcomics, possibly with the number of the pages.
Real People:
Pictures of existing people (actors in their natural look, singers, yourself). Crossdressing is welcome here.
Unfinished pictures (pencils only, squared paper, work in progress).
Pictures of transormation from male to female and from female to male which are not a comic panel.
Pictures related to every kind of videogame.
Writings - Captations - Fan Fictions:
Pictures and writings about gender bender. Captations are not pictures, they must go here.


Commissions, Collaborations and Art Trades are: OPEN!
Send us a comment on the homepage to be part of the game!

What are Collaborations and Art Trades?
A Collaboration (or Collab for short) is a piece of art made together with one or more other Deviants. The more common Collab is a picture drawn by an artist and colored by the other.
An Art Trade is an exchange of Deviations: an artist asks a commission to another artist and the other asks a commission in return.
On GenderTwister, the only rule is that the picture must be in topic with the group, it means only gender bender pictures.

Random requests (do you have one? Send us a comment on the homepage):
-Big Bang Theory



I made this group just for fun, so I hope you will have a good time here! :heart:

If you have problems, suggestions or other questions, feel free to answer!

If you want to know more about the serious and important side of GB, check this link:…? (Qara)


Gallery Folders

Contest GenderTwister: Souvenir photo by MrSeta
For GenderTwister contest by MrSeta
Gender Bend Super Mario Bros. by StrawberryLoveAlways
GB Tangled by Hitokiri-Shinzui
Books - Literature
Fem Wolfstar by cylindric
Harriet Potter by kharis-art
Harriet Potter 2014 RETAKE by Epe
Primitiae - Fanfiction cover by Junoan
Comics - Animation - Motion Pictures
Ka-Ciao, Francesca! [Art Collab] by Eimie1
Magical Babe Dave by Quarma
Monstory Dextra by Quarma
Concubine Omnibabe by Quarma

Mature Content

Crossplay by ochadoragon
Lane Loud cosplay by thearist2013
Manga - Anime
Naruto X shy Sasuko (tg) Festival Date by JMichaelReyes
Naruto is blindfolded by Sasuko (tg) Sexy colors? by JMichaelReyes
Naruko x Sasuko Swimsuit (tg) by JMichaelReyes
Unclothed Naruto x Sasuko, Sasuke x Naruko (TG) by JMichaelReyes
Movies - TV Shows
Beast Girl by Unttin7
Marty McFly TG (Cole Klein) by HoleInTheHeart
Loli Bilbo by AnnaProvidence
Thorin and BJD Thranduil by AnnaProvidence
The Masks That We Wear by Eimie1

Mature Content

Slender(Wo)man Censored by ONATaRT

Mature Content

Legion's new /software/ by ONATaRT
Foul Ball by Quarma
Original Characters - Crossovers - Misc
Male Kara by kitkatnis
Female Riyuke by kitkatnis
Male Lethe by kitkatnis
Male Yairuke by kitkatnis
Original Comic Panels
Usa's Tour - 'step on up, don't chicken out' p.1 by TheMightFenek
Mother's Day Mishap TG by Jakal63

Mature Content

Page 15 by JenoVaireti

Mature Content

Page 14 by JenoVaireti
Real People
The Real Me by MissEvaMadison
What Happened ??? by MissEvaMadison
Boys will be Girls by MissEvaMadison
Boy Dressed as Harley Quinn by MissEvaMadison
TG TF Misato Katsuragi by K1tty-Marshmell0w
Writings - Captions - Fan Fictions
! ! ! ! Dress Me ! ! ! ! by MissEvaMadison
Marine with Tattoo Posing 1 by MikeVells
Contest Folder
Trust me by TrishaLayons


Fem! Jack Spicer cosplay I. by pearlANDblood Fem! Jack Spicer cosplay I. :iconpearlandblood:pearlANDblood 13 12
Point-Comissions and Art-Trades (Open forever!)
I DON'T do requests!!!
(But I take suggestions featuring OCs or fav characters of mine)

Fill out this sheet for commissions please, to make things easier:
Traditional, Digital or Digital Special Quality?:
Sketch, Portrait, Halfbody or Fullbody?:
Colored? Shaded?:
How many characters and who? (Maybe link to their refernce sheet?):
Nude/NSFW? How? (Y/N) (Send a note if you don't want to talk about it in the comments.):
Do you need it done quickly? (Like as a present maybe?):
Specific pose and expression?:
Did you fave this journal?:
For fake-screenshots:
How many characters? (I will make max. 3 in one)
Which characters? (Link to ref sheet maybe?)
Headshot, Portrait, Halfbody or Fullbody?
What enviroment? (It will affect the background and coloring)
Normal clothing or something different? (Like ID Uniform in ID)
Poses and expressions?
(Be specific if
:iconmetaknighta:Metaknighta 15 133
Bleached love-ru chapter 3 white moon, golden dark
Ichigo pov
The next day I manage to wake up before Lala the mess on my bed proved what we did. My next step was to ask my dad what went on, I walked down stairs to the kitchen to see my old man at the table smiling and then I asked him “why the fuck did lose control and had sex with Lala? Sure she is sexy but that is all we have in common mutual lust and why do you know that kido?” My day then said “the sex part is your aunt’s fault and mine for leaving it out, it was supposed to be for my wedding to a female from another noble clan it is for the husband and wife to get rid of their nervousness. You see when marriages are arranged and the bride is supposed to be a virgin both aren’t ready so that wine makes things go more smoothly. The kido was a product of my misspent youth, you see nobles aren’t supposed to have children with commoners and I really liked commoners….” Before he could say anymore I said “stop I don’t need to h
:iconmichelous:michelous 1 0
Bleached love-ru chapter 1 the girl from space
Bleached love-ru chapter 1 the girl from space
This is first chapter of story I have been hinting I decided to write it after a long while it is also on my pole and doing well so If I might write chapter 2 in a few weeks if everything goes well Ichigo will be very different than Rito much more confident but still nervous around naked girls also this story will start 1 month before lost soul reaper. So that arc will start in this story and go into the blood war arc but there will be dealing with Lala and Yami and the gang before it happened also Meah will be created using Ichigo’s mother’s DNA making her part Quincy I think I might use her as one of the missing letters in the Sternritter wait and see
Normal speech
Hollow speech
Zanpakuto speech
Ichigo pov
It has been 16 months since the battle with Aizen my life has been pretty normal. The biggest thing that made me unhappy was the lack of Rukia in my life I have missed her a lot to the point were I might even have had feeli
:iconmichelous:michelous 8 0
doujin preview 220 by michelous
Mature content
doujin preview 220 :iconmichelous:michelous 76 8
TG Ankoku Dai Shoguness by kabuto-gouki TG Ankoku Dai Shoguness :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 17 20 midnight bliss - TG me? by kabuto-gouki midnight bliss - TG me? :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 17 6 old abandoned Self TG X2 by kabuto-gouki old abandoned Self TG X2 :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 26 45 The Amazing Spider Gal by kabuto-gouki The Amazing Spider Gal :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 38 21 Spider Girl scketch by kabuto-gouki Spider Girl scketch :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 59 18 Irregular Huntress X by kabuto-gouki Irregular Huntress X :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 133 69 Midnight Bliss iori Yagami by kabuto-gouki Midnight Bliss iori Yagami :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 69 20 old Rockgirl X Manga page 1 by kabuto-gouki old Rockgirl X Manga page 1 :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 34 20 old Rockgirl X Manga page 2 by kabuto-gouki old Rockgirl X Manga page 2 :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 35 15 old Rockgirl X Manga page 4 by kabuto-gouki old Rockgirl X Manga page 4 :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 26 15 Tg A. Dai Shoguness C Variant by kabuto-gouki Tg A. Dai Shoguness C Variant :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 4 7
Hello, my dear GenderTwisters! How are you? It's 2015, happy new year to everyone! :-) Waiting for the beginning of the Chinese new year of the Goat/Sheep!

I'm pleased to say we are now almost 1500, more than 1100 of whom are members! I'm very happy and proud of all of you! I have just a few things to say:

_ Please, be careful when you put your deviations into the folders. I found a lot of pictures in the wrong one. I have to clean the mess as soon as I have time (it takes a lot of time).

_ If you know about gender-bending contests or you have made one, let me know, and I will write a journal to help you make it more visible!

_Would you like me to open a contest? Any suggestions?

_ Do you have any suggestions for the group?

Tell me what you think!

The Founder
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Group Info

Welcome to this Gender-Bender Parallele Universe! We support Female Versions and Male Versions of characters. Artists and Cosplayers will feel at home!
Founded 7 Years ago
Feb 27, 2010


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Fan Club

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